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Patriots release statement on Marquise Hill

Patriots Release Statement on Hill

Update [2007-5-28 14:15:39 by tommasse]:
Here is the full statement on

Original post follows ...
Mike Reiss of The Boston Globe has this statement released by the New England Patriots this morning.

The New England Patriots are deeply concerned to learn about the missing status of New Orleans native Marquise Hill, who was reportedly last seen after suffering an accident while jet skiing on Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. The U.S. Coast Guard is leading the search and rescue mission and will provide any updates on his status.

"We are all shocked," said Patriots Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft after learning of the reports of Marquise's accident. "We can only hope and pray that the search and rescue is successful. Our thoughts and prayers are with Marquise and his family. We know that Marquise is a strong young man and will remain optimistic while continuing to pray for his rescue."