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Much Ado About Nothing: The Brady Baby Saga

What's the Big Deal?
Infatuation with Brady's Baby Astounds Me

Ho, hum. The offseason. Generally not a whole lot to talk about. Let's talk about Tom Brady's impending fatherhood!

Oh, joy.

I don't plan spending a whole lot of time on this. Because, like Tom Brady, me opinion is: Who cares?

Evidently, a lot of people, but this whole infatuation with celebrity escapes me. But this is a New England Patriots blog, and Brady (thankfully) is a New England Patriot, and people are talking about the Great Brady Baby Saga. So here we are.

So here's the story in "Details" that's caused all the recent hub-bub (there's a link for a video interview there, too). Brady has maybe four quotes in the whole thing. I just read it and I hardly know what it's about. "So much style without substance."

Anyway, some people -- the jealous, the envious, the fans of teams with one ring (same people, really) -- are relishing this story saying that it proves Brady isn't the Golden Boy the media and fans have supposedly made him out to be.

Ultimately, it's a "tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." I mean, really. All the talk about steroids and amphetamines, players involved in and celebrating dog-fighting, plenty of others illegally carrying guns and drugs and whatever else. And we're getting on a guy's case because he's going to be a father?

And, by all indications, probably a pretty good one. There are enough stories of players with broods of children with harems of women, and some of them fight paternity suits and offer no help to the mothers and have no interest in the children. Many are reportedly good parents.

I've heard of one Massachusetts politician trying to turn Brady into a bad guy to fuel his political aspirations. He asks, "What kind of world is that? Many millions of small, adoring fans look up to Brady only to find him chasing models, fathering children out of wedlock, and unashamedly engaging in an immoral lifestyle."

Fathering children? I wonder if he knows more than the rest of us.

Personally, it sounds like political suicide holding up Brady as an example of what's wrong with the world in New England. Maybe he should run for Congress in Indiana.

So, much like the original "Details" story, I seem to have lost track of my point. I don't think there really is one. I didn't know Marquise Hill had a fiancee until his tragic passing last weekend. They have a 20-month-old son. I don't remember the media frenzy 2 years ago.

So if anyone can explain this to me, much appreciated. And if you have a strong opinion one way or the other -- or the other, I'd like to hear that, too.

By the way, Brady's ex, Briget Moynahan is due late summer.


What do you think of the coverage of The Great Brady Baby Saga?

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