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Around the AFC East, Part IV - Roundup

Now that you know how my colleagues answered my questions, it's time to find out how I answered their questions and the rest of the scuttlebutt .. Around the AFC East.

At Buffalo Rumbings:

At The Phinsider:
  • Jetfighter answers how Jets fans can be optimistic about 2007 when they were just 1-4 against winning teams in 2006, especially when 7 of their 10 wins came against sub-.500 teams.
  • Brian G takes on the possible negative impact the loss of Nate Clements, Takeo Spikes and London Fletcher could have on the Bills defense.
  • And I tackle the question of the distraction caused by the Asante Samuel situation and what his potential loss would mean to the defense.

  • One link to rule them all.
And, at NY Landing Strip:
Brian G, Jetfighter and The Phinatic are all pumped and jacked about our new team endeavor, and we hope you are too. Give us some feedback, and by all means, let's hear some chatter out there. Make sure you feed us all some good questions, too.


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