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Retired NFL players take case against league, union to Congress

Former NFL players appeared before a U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary committee to explain their experiences dealing with the NFL and the NFL Players Association's pension and disability system. Lawmakers threatened Congressional involvement if the league and union don't develop a better program.

Check out the story for the details. Past stories (here and here and here -- watch the videos) have chronicled the war of words from both sides. Ex-Chicago Bears player and Hall of Fame coach Mike Ditka is among the vocal spokesmen for the former players; NFLPA Executive Director Gene Upshaw has fired back.

Meanwhile, the fallout continues from Jackie MacMullan's Feb. 2 piece in The Boston Globe about former New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson's battle with the effects of post-concussion disorder (which I commented on here).

Last week, the league implemented an anonymous whistle-blower system that allows anyone to report to the league any time a player feels forced to participate or doctors feel pressured to clear players who have suffered concussions.