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Around the AFC East, Part I - New York Jets

NY Landing Strip: SB Nation's New York Jets blog
Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends: "Around the AFC East." Every Friday, my fellow SB Nation AFC East bloggers and I will bring to you a little insight into what's happening within the division.

Taking the handoff: Jetfighter from SB Nation's New York Jets blog, NY Landing Strip.

tommasse: Cornerback Darrelle Revis (14th overall) and David Harris (47th overall, 2nd round) appear to be excellent draft picks, but with only two more picks in the 6th and 7th rounds, did the Jets do enough to make themselves more competitive this year within the division?

Jetfighter: Yes and No. Yes I believe the additions of TJ, Darrelle Revis, and David Harris definitely made the Jets more competitive.  I personally feel that the Jets are pegged in the second spot below the Pats, but above the Fins and Bills.   But ... I don't think the Jets made enough noise compared to what the Pats did this off-season to get over that hump which is the Patriots. When your most arguable weakness on a team is LB and WR and you add the best free agent LB in Adalius Thomas and best WR in Randy Moss, that gap just instantly got larger. So, yes, the Jets got more competitive in the NFL standpoint, but are still in for some trouble within their own division.

tommasse's retort: It's pretty clear that Eric Mangini learned a thing or two from Bill Belichick, and he's casting the Jets in a likeness of New England. And why shouldn't he? It works. You'd question him otherwise, no? So the Jets have already improved dramatically, and they'll improve again this year. But Revis and Harris will need time to reach their potential, so don't expect miracles this year. As I've said before: It's heating up in the AFC East.

OK, it's your turn. Step up to the Pulpit and say your piece. And if you have a question you want me to ask next week, email me, and I'll pose the best queries to our friends at Buffalo Rumblings, The Phinsider and NY Landing Strip.