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Jets, other teams interested in overpaying Samuel?

Jets Want Samuel?
Who Will Blink First .. Or At All?

Albert Breer of the Boston Herald is reporting that the New York Jets are included on a list of teams interested in paying Asante Samuel a boatload of money.

According to Breer, "several teams" have said they'd meet Samuel's expectations of a contract close to what Nate Clements received from the San Francisco 49ers -- about $10 million a year for 8 years.

The Patriots would receive two first-round draft picks as compensation should Samuel sign an offer sheet from another team that the Patriots refuse to match. Breer references another source that said this is New England's plan should they not come to terms with Samuel themselves, which Breer implies is not likely.

Samuel's agent Alonzo Shavers would not comment to Breer.

Personally, I think it's a ruse by the Jets and whatever other unnamed teams to either (a) force a trade, (b) cause discontentment within the Patriots organization, and/or (c) inflate Samuel's worth in hopes New England caves to his demands and spends much more of their cap money than they intend.

Who can say whether they really want to pay Samuel nearly $10 million a year or whether they're just trying to cause strife in the locker room and roster of a top echelon team? Whoever they are, they aren't talking.

As for the Jets, Chad Pennington's contract is 7 years, $64 million. (Oh, except for the $6 million pay cut he took last year -- make that $58 million.) Am I to believe the Jets want to pay a cornerback almost $2 million a year more than their quarterback? Am I to believe Pennington is going to be happy about that? After his best season ever?

Did Belichick just blink? I don't think so.