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Belichick reacts to 2007 rule changes on Patriots All Access

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick responded with agitation at the explanation of the enforcement of various rule changes on Boston's WCVB (Channel 5) "Patriots All Access" this evening.

PAA taped some of the visit by Johnny Grier, supervisor of officials, where Grier showed game film and discussed rules changes. Belichick didn't complain about the rules themselves, but was more displeased with the explanation of how some of the rules will be enforced.

I don't have an official list of changes, but I'll post and discuss them when I find a reliable source.

(Update [2007-6-9 21:48:33 by tommasse]: I found an official source and will post after I've had time to review, digest and analyze.)

I have to say that as Grier mentioned a couple changes to the rules, I immediately thought "impossible to apply uniformly." A lot of these changes entail subjective interpretation, and there's no way seven officials are going to catch all this stuff, resulting in an unfair application of some rules. There appear to be some finer points to these rules that sound like they'll make the "Tuck Rule" look clear and concise.

It's a brief segment -- there are about five segments in a 30-minute show (don't forget commercials).

You can catch a replay of PAA tonight on WMUR (Channel 9) in New Hampshire at 11:35 p.m.