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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady No. 9 player of the last 25 years?

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Since the Colts fans in our discussion love to point out what other people say as proof as their own convictions, USA Today is naming the top 25 players of the last 25 years. (They're currently up to No. 8.)

Tom Brady is No. 9.

Peyton Manning? He's No. 12.

But I'm sure some young, enterprising Colts fan will provide and excuse for it or belittle USA Today and say they're not qualified to make such a list.

Update [2007-7-12 15:42:2 by tommasse]:
My mistake. Skin Patrol of SB Nation's Washington Redskin's blog Hogs Haven kindly corrected me in the comments section. USA Today's series is the best 25 players of the last 25 years, not of all time. This note is so that his comment makes sense now that I've changed the post's title. Anyway ...