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Tom Brady, Bridget Moynahan and Brian Urlacher

I don't know why I'm writing this, other than I'm just curious. Or maybe I'm avoiding more important tasks.

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has been ordered by a judge to attend a parenting class because of an ongoing legal battle with his ex-girlfriend over parental visits for his son.

I just wonder of those celebrity gawkers have a vendetta against Urlacher they way they do against Brady.

Not that they should have one against Urlacher. Or Brady. Urlacher's going through what countless other parents go through. As Brady and Moynahan will. But clearly Urlacher had a child out of wedlock and didn't marry the mother, and that seems to be a big beef with some people. But maybe it's just a beef against Brady.

I don't know if Urlacher has a supermodel girlfriend, or any girlfriend, but I don't see where that matters much. I also don't know if Urlacher broke up with his ex, or if she broke up with him or any of the other things that neither I nor the Brady-haters know about Brady and Moynahan.

So, I wonder: Are there people spending hours scouring the internet for celebrity sites and sports blogs slamming Brian Urlacher for being a poor father? (And I'm not saying or even implying he is.) And if not, what is their rationale? And why am I wasting my time on people who clearly have nothing better to do than waste time?

I think we need a new name for this thread. I was considering "Brady and Bridget's Baby," but even though they didn't marry I'm going to go with "Bridget Brady's Bouncing Baby Battle." Sounds inane enough.

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