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More to read on Asante Samuel

Here's a roundup of recent items from the Boston Herald and Boston Globe about Asante Samuel.:

The Globe's Mike Reiss recaps yesterday's pre-deadline action and reiterates both sides' options and sprinkles in quotes Samuel's agent Alonzo Shavers.

The Herald's Karen Guregian does much of the same with some more extensive comments from Shavers.

In the Herald's blog, Albert Breer discusses another possible option for a "new" deal. Breer quotes the language in the union's collective bargaining agreement and has his interpretation confirmed by the league.

In the Globe's blog, Reiss analyzes the situaiton and mentions a "riding" interview with Samuel by Jemele Hill of ESPN's Page 2 from June 7 (video, too). Breer mentions it, too, and throws in transcripts of a couple key questions and answers.

Update [2007-7-17 18:4:39 by tommasse]:
By the way, here are the current numbers on our last poll:

The Patriots and Samuel didn't reach a deal. Who loses the most?
Asante Samuel -- 44 votes - 64 %
The Patriots -- 6 votes - 8 %
The Fans -- 18 votes - 26 %