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Around the AFC East, Part I - New York Jets

NY Landing Strip: SB Nation's New York Jets blog
Welcome to a "slightly" belated four quarters of "Around the AFC East." Every Friday, my fellow SB Nation AFC East bloggers and I will bring to you a little insight into what's happening within the division.

Back on his own 5-yard line to receive the opening kickoff, here's Jetfighter from SB Nation's New York Jets blog, NY Landing Strip.

tommasse: Last week you said the Jets overachieved last season. What do the Jets need to accomplish (winning record? playoff berth? playoff win?) for 2007 to be considered successful?

Jetfighter: I think that whenever somebody does good in something, they feel they have to do better in the next effort to count it as a success.  The Jets are building on success.  I feel that all 3 (winning record? playoff berth? playoff win?) are necessary to call the 2007 campaign to be a success.

  A winning record is almost a pre-requisite.  Yes doing better than the cupcake schedule that equaled 10-6 would be great, but I'm not sure if it is guaranteed that the Jets eclipse 10 wins.  A pipe dream would be winning the east because a successful goal would be a playoff home game.  Realistically, winning 10 games would be nice, but the Jets already made the playoffs last year, so if they can maybe 9 wins and get in as a wilcard, that is equal to last year.

  A playoff win would be a very successful goal.  The Jets proved last year in the very rough AFC that winning 10 games and getting a wildcard spot doesn't guarantee you anything.  The only success I would take is getting to at least the AFC championship.  The Jets shouldn't sell themselves short and neither am I.  A Super Bowl prediction, although great, isn't in the cards for this Jets team, so a success in general would be to get into the playoffs, win a game at least*, and perhaps another to get to the AFC chamionship.

  Anything else would be an unsuccessful season.

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tommasse's retort: Jetfighter is aiming high, but making it to the AFC Championship? Are the Jets ready to take that step? Jetfighter said last week this New Jersey team overachived just to make the playoffs with a weak schedule. Now he thinks they can make it to the conference title game against a decidedly tougher schedule. Perspective, Jf. Perspective. Stranger things have happened, but Jets fans need to be realistic. There are some great teams at the top of the AFC, and earning a wildcard and being competitive in a game might have to be enough. This year.

OK, it's your turn. Step up to the Pulpit and say your piece. And if you have a question you want me to ask next week, email me, and I'll pose the best queries to our friends at Buffalo Rumblings, The Phinsider and NY Landing Strip.