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Historic day for Sports Blogs Nation

Die by the Blade: SB Nation's Buffalo Sabres blog
I don't make a habit of welcoming every new blog added to Sports Blogs Nation, but earlier this week, we celebrated a historic event: the addition of our network's first NHL blog.

Particularly happy is our buddy Brian G over at Buffalo Rumblings, because joining the SB Nation family is Die by the Blade, a Buffalo Sabres blog.

Now, being New Englanders (well, many of us), we should celebrate this milestone, but we should also be on the lookout for any good Boston Bruins blogs out there. If you come across any -- and I mean the best of the best -- drop me a line, and I'll see if the network can get a line on him (or her).

In the meantime, check out D.O. at Die by the Blade.