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Open Thread: New England Patriots vs. Tennessee Titans, Preseason Week 2

Ratchet It Up a Bit
New England Patriots vs. Tennessee Titans

Looks like we still won't get our first "live" look at Randy Moss tonight, but we're a week closer to the regular season, and that means we're one week away from seeing the first string play some significant time.

Expect not much more from them than playing the first quarter. Seems the Patriots first team struggles in preseason from time to time, and it's not unheard of for head coach Bill Belichick to "punish" them by leaving them out there until they "get it right." But with cuts not far away, expect to see a lot of new, young faces pretty early as coaches get what might be their last "live" looks at these guys.

I'll be attending my first-ever preseason game, for whatever that's worth. It's Friday night, so sit back and enjoy this one. And look at the bright side: At least you don't have to watch this one on NFL Network.