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Open Thread: New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers, Preseason Week 3

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More Questions Than Answers?
Patriots Prepare for Season in Meaningful Tune-up

A few weeks ago, many experts were naming the New England Patriots prohibitive favorites to win Super Bowl XLII. Tonight, during what's considered the most important dress rehearsal before the regular season, there are more questions than answers.

Is Laurence Maroney, making his preseason debut tonight, 100 percent healthy? And can he carry the load of a full-time lead running back?

Will long-time veteran wide receiver Troy Brown and second-year wideout Chad Jackson start the regular season on the physically unable to perform list? Will Jackson play at all this season?

Same goes for Randy Moss. No one's seen him on the field since he tweaked a hamstring several weeks ago.

Will Asante Samuel join the Patriots in camp next week? The rumors suggest he will.

And where is Tom Brady? Will his mind be on the game when he plays? And what's the baby's name? And where are the haters, now that they've been proven wrong?

Well, we have an answer to one of those questions. Brady is in Carolina and is expected to play. But who will be his targets, and is the running game ready? We still need to wait and see.

Enjoy the game and post your thoughts here.