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Bridget Moynahan names Tom Brady's baby "JET" .. sort of

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Brady's Kid: John Edward Thomas Moynahan
Ex-Girlfriend Was 'Pleased' Brady Was Present at Birth

Through her publicist, actress Bridget Moynahan revealed the name of her son with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady: John Edward Thomas Moynahan. The initials spell the team name of one of Brady's division rivals: JET. Well, close enough.

Coincidence aside, Edward is Brady's middle name, and Thomas is obviously his first. There has been speculation for days that Moynahan and Brady had settled on Jonathan. So much for speculation.

Moynahan's publicist, Gary Mantoosh, also told the Associated Press that, "Bridget is very thankful for a happy baby, excited about being a mother, and very pleased that the father, Tom Brady, was able to be there for the birth."

That's a stark contrast to what some hate-filled people would have you believe. (See also.)

Among the allegations: Brady is selfish. Brady distanced himself from his family. Brady doesn't care about Moynahan or his child. Brady doesn't care about his teammates. Brady skipped practice and camps. Brady will be unprepared for the season. The Patriots are doomed by Brady's hand. At the urging of one of the accusers, we marked her words. We remember where we read it.

Where are those people now? Here apologizing? It is to laugh.

I'm sure there's some other celebrity over whom to obsess or some other cause over which to spew bile.

Anyway, giving the baby two of Brady's names shows Moynahan doesn't hold a grudge like these people, and Brady's cross-country sprint to make it to the blessed event is proof positive he's the man of character we knew him to be.

In spite of the ill-will perpetrated by the drive-by posters, we're happy for Brady and for Moynahan, and we're looking forward to the Patriots 2007 campaign. If Friday's first half against Carolina is any indication, Brady is well-prepared. (Just imagine that 7-month-old little dude sitting next to the Lombardi trophy. Ain't he cute?)