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Open Thread: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants, Preseason Week 4

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Last Chance to Impress Coaches
Final Preseason Game Usually a Yawner

The last preseason game is reserved for the starters to do nothing more than warm up a little and for all the bubble players to make their final impressions on the coaching staff before cut decisions are made in the ensuing 48 hours.

I agreed to take part in Josh's fantasy football league and the draft is tonight. The starters will be on the sideline before we begin, but Josh just drafted me last night, and I'm completely unprepared. (Yeah, I'm already making excuses for getting pummeled.)

I'll try to keep an eye and ear on the game, but there are probably only a handful of jobs up for grabs. More likely, there are guys trying to get kept on the practice squad, where they'll gain experience and be ready to step in should any of the "keepers" get cut or injured later on (or get scooped up by another team).

Enjoy the game.