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The anti-Harrison barrage begins

It's now obvious that Patriots fans will be catching hell from the less-educated fans across the country. BigBlueEgo, proprietor of SB Nation's answer to Nancy Grace, has already cast the first stone and put his ignorance on public display.

He singles me out specifically (as usual) and links to my earlier commentary. He calls Patriots fans hypocrites and idiots and links to another commentary of mine where I ripped Shawne Merriman for steroid use and and other San Diego Chargers for well-documented unsportsmanlike conduct.

Pretty strong words so weak an intellect.

BBE blatantly ignores the blaring, blue headline that says "Harrison Deserves Suspension," the following red subhead that says "Fans Should Not Rationalize Player's Poor Decision," and the commentary that fans must resist the urge to accept Harrison's reasons for breaking the rules and that it's a major black spot on the Patriots organization.

BBE also claims, without evidence, that Harrison tries to injure players (as Merriman does, evidenced by that stupid dance he does over motionless bodies). He alleges, again without a shred of evidence, that "it stands to reason [Harrison] was cheating in 2003 and 2004" and that it taints the Patriots championships. This is one of the most inane statements ever made by a Colts fan -- and that's really saying something.

Never would a Colts fan let the facts adversely influence a stupid opinion.

Harrison's first major injury was in 2005, after the Patriots won all three Super Bowls. Harrison says he took HGH to recover from injuries, and if you really want to talk about "reason," it stands to reason that Harrison began taking HGH when he was recovering from shredding the ligaments in this right knee. Anything else is uninformed, reckless speculation and sour grapes -- so much jealousy, bitterness and bile as you're prone to get from such people.

Colts fans define ignorance, possibly illiteracy.

BBE laughably suggests that he'd want any Colts player, including Peyton Manning, cut from the Indianapolis Colts if he is implicated in a banned substance scandal. You can fill those burlap sacks to the brim and label it sugar, but that doesn't mean anyone will buy it.

Funny, he never once said Merriman should be cut. Oh, right. Merriman doesn't wear a New England uniform. And he's never said a word about the Charger fans who have supported Merriman even after his steroid suspension. Only Patriots fans are guilty of these sins, and that just 14 hours after ESPN broke the story.

Burlap sacks, indeed.

But, hey, if the BigBlueEgo fits, wear it.