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Signal-Stealing Update

League Office Confirms Violation
Commisioner Goodell Reviewing Potential Penalties

ESPN is reporting that NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell has confirmed that the Patriots broke league rules when a team official was in possession of a video camera on the sidelines during Sunday's Jets game. The Patriots have until Friday to present their argument re: the specific intent of the use of the camera. Potential penalties could include a suspension for team employees, fines, and loss of future draft picks.

The NFL competition committee will review the charges and make a recommendation to Goodell, who will then hear the Patriots counter-argument. The specifics of the allegation are still unclear. Unnamed league sources are quoted in several articles citing the Patriots guilt, and the likelihood of severe penalties, but no league official has gone on record. There is still a lot of information that needs to come out, but the likelihood of some penalty seems certain now. The league did issue a letter to all teams this off-season re-iterating the policy of prohibiting the type of behavior in question, which could lead to Goodell issuing a stern rebuke as a warning to other teams.