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Bill Belichick's statement regarding videotaping incident and punishment

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made a statement regarding NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's punishment resulting from the accusations of the New York Jets that a Patriots employee videotaped their coaches' defensive signals from the Jets sideline Sunday:

I accept full responsibility for the actions that led to tonight's ruling. Once again, I apologize to the Kraft family and every person directly or indirectly associated with the New England Patriots for the embarrassment, distraction and penalty my mistake caused. I also apologize to Patriots fans and would like to thank them for their support during the past few days and throughout my career.

"As the Commissioner acknowledged, our use of sideline video had no impact on the outcome of last week's game. We have never used sideline video to obtain a competitive advantage while the game was in progress.

"Part of my job as head coach is to ensure that our football operations are conducted in compliance of the league rules and all accepted interpretations of them. My interpretation of a rule in the Constitution and Bylaws was incorrect.

"With tonight's resolution, I will not be offering any further comments on this matter. We are moving on with our preparations for Sunday's game."

Goodell fined Belichick $500,000. Neither the team nor ownership is allowed to pay any part of that fine. Goodell also fined the team $250,000 and penalized New England a 1st-round draft pick if the Patriots make the playoffs or a 2nd- and 3rd-round pick if they do not.