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Some thoughts on the New Bill Belichick Era - Patriots 38, Chargers 14

Let's Go to the Videotape
Dear NFL: Please Leave Excuses Here

Patriots Destroy Chargers, 38-14

So I just got home from Gillette Stadium after watching the supposedly most talented team in the league get utterly dismantled by what is a better coached and simply better team, and I thought: "What excuse are they going to use this time?"

Later I heard that LaDanian Tomlinson (funny, I don't see him at the top of the league rushing stats) was whining about something in the locker room, as all losers are apt to do. The league is going to do everything it can to make life difficult for the Patriots, and the hypocrite fans from around the league are going to get in line to take their shots.

Let them.

Tonight, the New England Patriots proved that it's nothing but sour grapes -- and that's being extremely nice about it. But, hey, that's New England. We're mighty neighborly.

I have to get up for work in a few hours, so I'm going to keep it short. Here are a few observations from tonight's game:

  • The best front seven in the league, no question, plays in New England (and that was without Richard Seymour)
  • The Patriots appear to have a running game (Maroney, 5.1 yards per carry; Morris, also 5.1 yards per carry)
  • The Patriots offensive line is vastly improved over last year
  • Tom Brady is a different quarterback with actual, y'know .. receivers
  • Apparently Antonio Gates is San Diego's entire offense
  • Randy Moss can still play football
  • Junior Seau can still play football
  • Adalius Thomas is .. wow
  • Rosevelt Colvin is who we thought he was!
  • Stephen Gostkowski needs some work
  • Phillip Rivers is an average quarterback with receivers similar to what Brady had last year
  • The Chargers, like the Colts, are just a bunch of whiners
Brady threw one bad pass. It was behind Moss, and Moss tipped it leading to an interception. Brady's fault, but if not for that, Brady probably has another 140+ passer rating. As it was, Brady completed 81 percent of his passes and had another 3 touchdowns (on pace for .. 48).

This one just killed me: In 30 years of watching football, I've never heard of offensive holding getting waved off because "the defender was just overpowered." What? Sounds like something Tony Dungy would have come up with.

Enjoy it, Patriots fans. This one was sweet, sweet justice.

One more thing: Hi to all the fans I met at the game tonight. We saw the birth of the New Bill Belichick Era.