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Did the New York Jets cheat? Should the league investigate?

Double Standard?
Jets Accused of 'Cheating'

Turns out the Patriots aren't the only ones.

Wow. I'm shocked.

For the benefit of Colts fans:
Disclaimer: Before anyone accuses me of trying to excuse Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, the following is a philosophical discussion for which I am soliciting feedback from the Pats Pulpit community regarding the topic of cheating.

Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick accused the New York Jets defense of using "illegal" tactics to trick Baltimore's offense into committing false start penalties. The Ravens did jump several times during the game.

So what of it? Is this a double standard?

A story at doesn't describe the Jets' activity at cheating. Of course, the NFL never called Belichick or the Patriots cheaters either.

I've already heard that it's not a big deal because "the Jets didn't cheat to the extent the Patriots cheated." This comes from many of the same people who have said, "cheating is cheating" and demanded outrageously excessive punishments for Belichick and the Patriots.

I've also heard that "this is just a rule" and should be penalized on the field, as is provided in the rulebook. Well, prohibiting videotaping on the sideline is "just a rule too."

I've also read and heard plenty about the videotaping and whether in-game analysis could impact the game in progress. There's absolutely no debate that simulating snap signals has an immediate impact on the game in progress.

The game officials could have and should have called penalties on the Jets, but it's still cheating. Just the same as the Colts offensive linemen grabbing handfuls of jerseys and getting away with it. "Cheating is cheating," is it not?

Whether the Jets "cheated" should be easy to prove. There are enough field-level cameras and microphones to provide the evidence the league needs.

For the Patriots sins against humanity, they have already paid the price; yet they continue to be vilified. Other cheaters? Well, the Jets are 0-2, and no one seems to care.


Should the league treat all cheating the same?

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    Yes. All cheating is the same.
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    No. There are shades and levels of cheating.
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