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Week 1 Picks, Part I

Week 1: Anything Can Happen
Who's Idea Is Starting on Thursday?

Welcome to the 2007 NFL season.

As usual, I'll be picking the games every week. I wasn't my best last season, finishing 149-107 (.574). I will do better this year.

But don't expect much in Week 1. As I always say, in Week 1 anything can happen. And these Thursday night openings really bug me. I mean, it's September. There should be a law against NFL football on Thursdays before Thanksgiving.

And the dual Monday Night slate is even worse. Who on the East coast is going to stay up to watch Arizona at San Francisco at 10:15 p.m.? Who anywhere is going to stay up to watch Arizona at San Francisco -- at any time?

Anyway, I'll post my full season predictions Saturday. I pretty much have the divisions and playoffs picked, but I have a lot of writing to do.

I'll also post the rest of this weekend's picks Saturday. For now, here's my prediction for tonight's game.

Thursday, Sept. 6
New Orleans (0-0) at Indianapolis (0-0), 8:30 p.m.
Doesn't a game like this seem like a complete waste of time? Wouldn't you rather see this in Weeks 6 to 10? Shouldn't it at least be the sole Monday Night game this week? Indy has the advantage playing at home on a short week to open the season, not to mention whatever pre-game ceremony they have to pump up the home dome crowd. If this was Week 6 or later, you could expect these two offenses to easily put up 60 points or more. They still might, but defenses are usually ahead of offenses early in the season, so expect maybe mid-40s. I think both teams will try to stick to the ground, especially New Orleans who is going to test last year's league-worst running defense, minus Anthony McFarland. Indy will take to the air sooner and try to keep the crowd involved.
Prediction: Colts, 24-21.