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Patriots @ Jets: 5 Questions with Jetfighter at NY Landing Strip

NY Landing Strip: SB Nation's New York Jets blog
With "Around the AFC East" on hiatus until Spring, we AFC East bloggers will find some new way to get some interaction among the sites so you, our loyal readers, have some idea what's happening in the enemy camps and what they think is going on in ours.

Until then, we've decided to do the old "5 Questions" gig when AFC teams go head to head. And with that, Jetfighter at NY Landing Strip and I get the ball rolling. You can check out my answers to Jetfighter's questions.

tommasse: How much does this first game mean to the Jets?

Jetfighter: The first game is very important to the Jets.  With such a tough schedule right after the Pats with the Ravens, Dolphins, Buffalo, Giants, and Eagles, the Jets need to win right away to get some swagger and confidence behind this team.  If not it could be a very long season and something I feel is not going to be pleasant.

tommasse: New England has new receivers, New York has a rookie cornerback. How do you see the Jets pass defense against the Patriots completely new offense?

  Jetfighter: I think that the Jets are going to have an EXTREMELY hard time trying to defend these receivers.  I feel that the main culprit is going to be Wes Welker, as he is a very dynamic receiver who will open the middle lanes for Brady and wreak havoc on the Jets.  With that option open, you have Stallworth and Moss, so it is going to be a very tough day no doubt about that.  Add in a rookie CB like Revis that you mentioned earlier, and I am feeling alot more nervous than I felt 5 minutes ago before answering this question.

tommasse: How will Eric Mangini attack the Patriots defense? Does the plan change with Rodney Harrison and Richard Seymour out of action?

  Jetfighter: Mangini should attack this defense by finding the weak spots and planning an all out arsenal.  I say Chad shouldn't throw the ball even close to Samuels, as he kills Pennington every game.  I say throw to the side opposite of Samuels, throw down the middle to Baker, and put Leon Washington in the slot to throw off some linebackers.  As for Harrison and Seymour, the Jets could attempt to run Jones towards Seymours replacement and away from Adalius Thomas.  For Harrison maybe take some long strikes down the field barring Pennington's arm strength and test to see how the replacement does.  But no I don't feel the Jets change their game plan too much.

tommasse: Do you think having Mangini gives the Jets a better chance to beat New England?

  Jetfighter: Hahaha of course I feel Mangini gives the Jets a better chance of beating New England.  After having to deal with Herman "players coach" Edwards and his inability to run a play clock, or in that matter have any knowledge in the X's and O's of football, Mangini is an upgrade.  He is almost symmetrical to Belichick, being very meticulous with everything he does, including his ever changing game plan, and relentless attack of the opposing offense.  I'm not sure if the players Mangini has right now can beat the Pats, but he is a hell of an upgrade over Edwards.

tommasse: OK. Time for a prediction: Who wins, and what's the score?

  Jetfighter: Yikes I hate answering these questions.  I feel that it will be a very close, close game between these two, but I think the Pats might pull one out. I have to see how Pennington performs after his horrific pre-season, and how Brady does with his new bunch.  A couple of turnovers by both teams will lead to a Patriots win 24-21.  This is not saying I'm not an optimistic Jets fan, I just know what this team can accomplish, and what they can't.  I hope the Jets can prove me wrong though.