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Patriots to Honor Girl Booed by Classless Colts Fans

'Class' Is in Session
Patriots to Honor Girl Booed by Colts Fans

The New England Patriots, an organization that understands and exemplifies class, is going to right a terrible wrong Sunday. More than one, maybe, but one for sure.

14-year-old Anna Grant of Stratham, N.H., a more mature person than the 60,000 people behind her.

Photo courtesy: Manchester Union Leader / Karen Grant

The Patriots will have 14-year-old Anna Grant of Stratham, N.H., on the field at Gillette Stadium for the coin flip before the AFC Championship game between the Patriots and the San Diego Chargers.

"What I decided is that we would honor her here before this game," Patriots owner Kraft said in an interview with the Associated Press. "We will recognize her as the winner on the field. Our fans will know."

Grant received a phone message from Andre Tippett, Patriots executive director of community affairs, former star linebacker and Hall of Fame finalist (more on that later).

As we know, Grant was booed by some of the dumbest, most classless fans outside Oakland on Sunday in Indianapolis when the league presented the winners of its annual Punt, Pass and Kick competition. They booed her simply because she is from New England and "represented" the Patriots.

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"Before I went down there, my friends said, 'You know, you'll probably get booed,'" Grant told the AP. "I was kind of waiting for it."

"It really didn't bother me at all."

Grant's mature response hardly excuses such misbehavior by those who should know better.

Only utter dolts could be so dumb not to separate a high school freshman from a team they don't like simply because that team is far better than theirs. Grant told reporters that people at the stadium told her, "It's not you. It's your jersey." Wow, that's some justification. They were booing the jersey. It's hard to believe any so-called adult could be that irrational.

The display was far worse than Eagles fans booing Santa Claus. Worse than Jets fans cheering the injury of their own quarterback. The act is beyond comprehension, beyond words. It was by far the most classless act by the most classless fans imaginable.

So the Patriots will make amends. The Patriots will show "those people" how civilized people act and treat each other and especially how they treat children.

More on Grant from the Manchester Union Leader
Let's be clear: Not all Colts fans and not everyone in Indianapolis is as despicable as those who booed Grant. I've read comments on several internet forums from Colts fans saying they were embarrassed by the RCA Dome disgrace. It's unfortunate that the guilty and their supporters continue to excuse the inexcusable.

You'd think city "leaders" would offer Grant an apology.

But this is the last we'll speak of the Colts or their loser fans for a while. We have far more important topics to discuss.

This really isn't about them, for all the time I've wasted on them. It's about Grant. Congratulations, Anna, on your accomplishment. And when see her attending the coin toss during Sunday's pregame show ..