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Is the Almighty a Patriots Fan? (Must-See Photo)

I tend to scoff when athletes invoke deity when they win a game, score a touchdown, hit a home run. It doesn't matter the player, the sport, the position.

I'm of the mind that the supreme architect of the universe isn't much of a sports fan. He (or she?) has more important things to worry about, much cooler stuff to do. Besides, would such a being let both the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox win multiple World Series?

But then again ..

Check out this photo sent to me by a reader, who asked not to be identified. A friend of his snapped the shot near Woodstock, N.Y.

Imagine, a rock formation like this sitting in upstate New York!

I can understand our friend not wanting to disclose a specific location. No sense allowing this beautiful work of nature (or of the supreme being) be spoiled by a shrine. No, it's best left as his (or her -- look at me being all politically correct) semi-private tribute to his (or her) favorite team.

Still, seems we should at least give it a name. Despite monumental human efforts, New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain is gone. This is a new millennium, and we New Englanders have a new natural symbol.

So, what shall we name him?