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Injury Report (Wednesday): Patriots vs. Giants (Week 21)

As you would expect and as you would want, the first injury report released by both teams for Super Bowl XLII is very short. The Patriots have just two players listed, The Giants have just three.

For New England, wide receiver Jabar Gaffney was limited in participation in practice Wednesday. He is listed with a shoulder injury. Quarterback Tom Brady is listed as fully participating in practice with a right shoulder injury. Since only one injury is listed per player, it's unknown whether Brady would be listed with an ankle injury if he was not listed with his shoulder.

For New York, wide receiver Plaxico Burress did not practice at all Wednesday, as he continues to favor a bad ankle. Cornerback Kevin Dockery has been battling a hip flexor for several weeks, and both he and guard Rich Seubert (knee) were listed as limited in practice.

Less than 4 days.