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Breaking News: Tom Brady is the 2007 NFL MVP

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Here is the Associated Press story from The Boston Globe. (For future refernce, here is the same story at

Brady received all but one vote. The identity of the player receiving the other vote is currently unknown.

Patriots owner and CEO, Bob Kraft:

"To be honest, I’m surprised it took so long for him to get this recognition because he’s sort of been our MVP since he stepped on the field in ’01, in my mind, and the way he just took over," Kraft said. "He treats everyone in that locker room the same way he treats me or the coaches. "And the thing that I’ve found most interesting is if you talk to role players or backups how he talks to them and motivates them. He treats them like they’re going to the Pro Bowl, with that kind of respect."
Pro Bowl linebacker Mike Vrabel:
"He’s our MVP. I think we’ve known that for quite some time. "I think his work ethic day in and day out (is most impressive). We get to practice against him so I think that makes us better. I think it makes us a better defense. He puts a lot of time into it. It’s important to him. Going out there every week and then trying to play his absolute best is a priority for him."
USA Today also named Brady their unanimous MVP yesterday.

More as information becomes available.