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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 10/16/08




  • What If Sports ranks them 21st (-3):  Yikes!
  • Yahoo! Sports' Michael Silver ranks them 20thThat goal-line pass to Mike Vrabel doesn't look so smooth with a certain quarterback missing, does it?
  • The Metro ranks them 18th (-7):  With the exception of his 66-yard TD to Randy Moss against the 49ers, every one of Matt Cassel’s deep throws is off target by about 15 yards.
  • ESPN ranks them 17th (-8):  The Patriots don't have an extra week to regroup from this blowout like they did their last one.  (Notes)
  • ProFootball Weekly ranks them 16th (-7):  Will Randy Moss keep an edge with offensive limitations?
  • ranks them below twelfthin the middle of the pack.
  • The Sporting News ranks them 11th (-4):  Before Bill Belichick took over in 2000, two years earlier it was still Pete Carroll, who went on to coach current Patriots QB Matt Cassel at USC. Cassel's inconsistent play makes it hard to know where to place the Pats every week.
  • Peter King at SI ranks them tied for 11th (-5): They play Denver on Monday night and St. Louis the following Sunday, both in Foxboro. Then, for the 89th straight year, Pats and Colts play on the first Sunday of Sweeps Month.
  • Dr. Z at SI ranks them 10th (-4):  Bill Belichick's Monday press conference followed his viewing of the Chargers film, with one team at normal speed and the other in slow motion.  "From what I saw of the game," he said, "it's not different than what we saw last night."