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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 10/02/08




  • What If Sports ranks them (ouch!) 22nd (+3)
  • Fox Sports on MSN ranks them 15th (-2):  "This weekend Doctor Evil will emerge from the Patriots' bye week, and after getting embarrassed by Miami in Week 3 he has to have something tricky up his sleeve, right?"  Dr. Evil????  Sooooo clever.
  • ESPN ranks them 13th (-2):  "If they can't beat the 49ers on Sunday, prepare for panic to set in."  (Note the disparity in the voting among the 12 ESPN writers.)
  • ProFootball Weekly ranks them 13th (-1):  "Have to think Kevin O’Connell will play at some point."  How 'bout the end of the 4th quarter?
  • keeps them ranked below 12th in the "middle of the pack."
  • The Sporting News ranks them 10th"Something tells me the Patriots figured something out during the bye."
  • Dr. Z at SI ranks them 7th (-1):  "I get a tremendous kick out of the transcripts of Bill Belichick's daily press conferences. Here's an excerpt from Tuesday's, for instance:

Q: How would you assess your turnover differential this week?

 A: Always like to get more and give up less."