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Patriots' Starting Lineup and Injury Report

One thing to note about today's injury report is Wes Welker down as "Limited Participation in Practice" with a groin injury.  AARRGGHH!!  The sky is falling!  This is the same injury that kept him out of much of the preseason!  Holy crap, we've lost the inside and underneath routes!  Relax.  He's in the projected starting lineup.  Granted, much of this is fiction, but Wes has been a fixture for a long time and I don't see that changing.  The little ironman.

CB Lewis Sanders is also on the injury list, but Ellis Hobbs and Deltha O'Neal have those spots locked up as starters.  LB Eric Alexander is there as well, but he's mostly on special teams - there's plenty of depth there.

In other news... we were all wondering what Hoodie would do with these back-to-back west coasters.  Well, he's wisely staying out west, in my opinion.  Why fly back to Boston only to jump on a plane and head back out for San Diego?  Maybe they can hook up with Brady after his surgery, projected for October 7th in Los Angeles.