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Preview: Rams @ Patriots


I have an affinity for St. Louis, the city, that is.  You see, St. Louis, MO is corporate headquarters for my father's former employer, Anheuser Busch, Inc.  Yup, my dad worked for a beer company.  From Budman dolls and stickers to wall clocks and mirrors, I had the pick of litter.  Oh, I forgot the 2 free cases of Bud per month that somehow disappeared from the cellar.  I know, Budweiser, but when you're 17, free is the operative word.

Coming off of an 0-4 start, St. Louis has had a nice run of success, beating the Redskins 19-17 and embarrassing Dallas 34-14.  The key to ringing Dallas' bell?  RB Steven Jackson.  He had 160 yards in 25 carries, averaging 6.4 YPC.  160 yards!!  The Cowboys actually had more success in the air with 217 net yards vs. the Rams' 135, but Jackson's impressive day just wouldn't be denied; there were 3 rushing TDs (all Jackson) vs. 1 passing TD.

A very similar win against the Redskins, Washington actually dominated net yardage with 368 vs. 200, owned passing and rushing yards, but turned the ball over 3 out of 4 times.  With the numbers they put up stats-wise, they should've crushed the Rams, but they beat themselves.

So, how do we beat the Rams?  Looking through their first 4 games, all losses, it's relatively easy: on defense, contain Steven Jackson.  Even when QB Marc Bulger had a good day passing, that didn't win the game if their running game was contained; it was the rushing attack that made the difference.  On the offensive side of the ball, throw the ball...constantly.  Their run defense is pretty good, but the Rams allow too much yardage in the air.

Contain Steven Jackason and throw the ball constantly - that'll do it.  Given that our RBs are lining the pockets of orthopedists these days, that's probably all we got.