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Al Davis: Randy Moss was stolen by the Patriots


I don't like to think of anyone as senile. Really. Heck, I have relatives who are either approaching or ARE the same age as Al Davis.  The thought of them wearing Depends and losing their faculties is not appealing to me.  However, the difference between Al Davis and my relatives is that they're not loudmouth jerks.  It is no surprise to many that Mr. Davis is tangling yet again with the league and/or another NFL team.  He's been doing it since he became AFL commissioner in 1966.

In his latest toilet bowl full of invective, Al has accused the New England Patriots of tampering, specifically not having permission to meet and talk with Randy Moss before he was traded to the Patriots:

Now that the Raiders have charged the Patriots with tampering, Oakland is going to have to prove it.

If it can, New England could face league-imposed penalties. If it cannot — and the Patriots always have maintained that Oakland owner Al Davis gave them permission to meet and talk with Randy Moss the Saturday before the trade was completed for the star WR — then the NFL is expected to discipline the Raiders, likely in the form of a fine.

Read that carefully, my friends.  If Davis' allegations prove untrue, Oakland will be fined.  Goodell is not only cracking down on teams violating NFL rules, he's going after teams who file false accusations:

The NFL takes accusations against other teams, and especially tampering charges, extremely seriously. In fact, after the Spygate incident last year, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a memo warning teams to treat other teams with respect.

Then, just last June, Goodell followed it up with yet another memo warning that it would investigate charges that teams make against other teams very closely and that it frowned upon any team-to-team criticism. Well, we now have Exhibit A of the type of case that Goodell warned other teams about.

When Moss was traded and turned out to be the most productive WR in 2007 and break an armful of records, Davis must've been fuming.  A dude with an ego like that would be beside himself at giving up Moss.  But, it gets worse for Al.  His ego would be bruised even more with the realization that an opposing team was able to pull out of Moss what he couldn't: leadership and hard work.  He failed and failed miserably.  He was wrong about Moss, as were many, and is so PO'd he can't let it go.  It's just too bad a guy that vindictive has access to a check book and a microphone because he's losing  There's a few tools missing from that shed, lemme tell you.

Davis is now in a position where he's publicly stated the Patriots tampered with the Randy Moss trade and now Goodell, like a pit bull, has latched onto it.  Simply put, prove it, Davis, or shut your pie hole.