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Shots Heard 'Round The Web - Patriots Links 10/09/08

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  • What If Sports ranks them 18th (+4)
  • Fox Sports on MSN ranks them 11th (+4):  Bill Belichick engineered the perfect blueprint against a Mike Martz offense, namely playing "Keep Away" on offense by holding the ball for nearly 40 minutes against the 49ers.
  • ESPN ranks them 9th (+13):  The Patriots got just what they needed after their bye week. They bounced back from their crushing Week 3 loss to the Dolphins with a methodical victory over the 49ers.
  • ProFootball Weekly ranks them 9th (+4):  Shocking that teams don’t expect a Kevin Faulk direct snap.
  • ranks them 9th (+4):  Maybe this Matt Cassel guy isn't so bad after all?
  • USA Today ranks them 9th (+1):  Big test looms for Cassel in San Diego this week.
  • The Sporting News ranks them 7th (+3):  The Patriots have realized no one can replace Brady, last year's MVP, but they can still win with committee contributions from their offense. Matt Cassel just needs to keep leaning on his fine supporting cast.
  • Peter King at SI ranks them 6th (+4):  The hounds have been released. Matt Cassel has been allowed to throw it way far downfield. See that smile on the sidelines from Randy Moss?
  • Dr. Z at SI ranks them 6th (+1):  The jury's still out. Don't forget that the Niners, with J.T. O'Sullivan looking like a highly functional NFL quarterback on one play and Ichabod Crane on the next one, were down by only six with 10:22 left. OK, the Pats closed it out, but if you asked me which team on the field showed more fire and spirit, I'd have to say San Francisco.