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The Olive Branch, let's talk football


Well, apparently I ruffled a few feathers today.  If you know me, that was certainly not my intent.  The offending comment:

'Fins Fans - All of a sudden, it's cool to like the Dolphins.  Where was the pride and support when they were a laughing stock?  True fans wear their jersey no matter what and take their lumps.  True fans know, everything turns around at some point.

I didn't mean to say that ALL 'Fins Fans are on the bandwagon now that they are experiencing some success, but I did want to imply that some are riding the gravy train.  Sure, every team has them.  The rabid blogging faithful are certainly not part of that crowd.  I'm pretty sure most of us will be buried in our jersey (mine's #83, btw.  I believe he wore the same number in Miami) and can respect that, no matter WHAT the laundry is.

And yes, I did follow NE in the lean years, prior to Parcells.  Anyone remember sitting in Sullivan Stadium on those metal bleacher seats in December?  Mosi's endzone was my spot.  That was when attending a game was taking your life in your hands, either from fights or frostbite, take your pick.  While tailgating, we actually put a Coors Lite can in a Hibachi and waited for it to explode.  Good times...  I'm wiser (older, that is), but no less rabid.

So, let's talk football.  I still don't think it's right to attend a football game in November in shorts and a T shirt, but I'm willing to let that pass.  You guys have Disney World and the Keys.  We have Quincy Market and Duck Boats.  Go figure.