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AFC East Positioning - matchup against Colts is important

If you've been following Bills vs. Jets, you already know NYJ got it done, 26-17.  This puts Buffalo at 5-3 after losing to 2 of 3 division rivals, Miami and NY.  A win against the Colts would put us at 6-2 and leader of the AFC East.  Uhhmm... Is anyone else thinking this is just absolutely, flat out, freakin' crazy?  I mean, who would've thought, after losing Brady, we could take the lead in the AFC East after Buffalo started off so strong?

Did I mention we play the Bills next week at Gillette?  Let's recap, shall we?  A win tonight puts us at 6-2 and the Bills at 5-3 going into a game in Foxboro.  If we lose to the Bills, it's tied up.  A loss to the Colts puts us at 5-3, tied for first place in the east.  Suddenly, next week's matchup against the Bills would be a battle for first place.

I'll start drinking now...

[EDIT] My bad for forgetting NYJ is ALSO 5-3