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Crowder vs. Light

I have tried, lord knows I have tried to stay out of this.  I want to let the punishment and the fines from the NFL speak for themselves.  I want to continue the excellent discussions we've been having with fans of our upcoming rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I really do want to do that, but I can't.  Feeding the flames is not my style; live and let live is my usual mantra.  However, people have blinders on and are only looking at the last 3 seconds of the Crowder vs. Light "interaction".  In order to give you a more objective view, I present to you...the video:

  • 00:02 - Crowder starts going low at Light's legs
  • 00:06 - Crowder brings both hands up to the side of Light's head, smacking him in the head
  • 00:07 - Light grabs Crowder's hair and throws a few shots
  • 00:10 - Other Dolphins' players drag Light to the ground
  • 00:11 - Crowder runs away

This will be the last few words from me on this subject.  Quite frankly, it's simply not worth any more bits and bytes.  Punishment has been handed down.  It's over.  If opposing fans want to use this as yet another reason to hate, be my guest.  I'm moving on to more important things like talking football.

For the 'Fins fan perspective, head on over to The Phinsider.  Warning to Patriots fans: the discourse is littered with venomous invective.