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Happy Thanksgiving


Today starts a day, and weekend, of football for me.  Just to show you how old I am, it's my 33rd Thanksgiving Day game, Woburn High School vs. Winchester High School (my first was as a freshmen in high school, dang I'm old).  I haven't missed a game yet with my dad.  Friday, my nephew (just moved from Indiana) fights for the Massachusetts Pop Warner State finals in his age group.  If he wins, the Woburn Trojans D team heads down to Florida and the nationals.

There are many to thank, but I'm always thinking of our service men and women who are abroad and not able to be with family during this day of giving.  Thank you for keeping us safe and come home soon.

I am most thankful for my wife who slaves over a hot stove preparing a meal for a dozen people while I get to watch football.  I'm lucky she doesn't toss me out the window with the turkey carcass!

Have a safe holiday, folks.