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Game Recap: Patriots defeat Raiders, 49-26

I don't like beating up on fans or teams after a blowout win or any win, for that matter.  It's classless and childish.  I do, however, don't mind beating up on Al Davis.  He's a senile old fool that even the most homeristic Raiders fan would have a tough time defending.  Remember the whole, "You stole Randy from me!!" crap a few months ago?  Yeah, well Randy took it to the endzone in his old house - twice.  Do Oakland a favor, Al Davis, and go away.

It was a blowout win against a down and battered team, but at this point, wins are important if we want to stay in the playoff race.  Granted, our fate is in the hands of other teams (we can win out and still not make it), but we don't want to hand it to anyone.

The Patriots got off to an early start with TDs for Kevin Faulk, Randy Moss, and Sammy Morris.  A TD pass to Raiders' Higgins ended the first quarter at Pats 21-7.  The second quarter started off with Wes' second TD of the season and then things got wacky.  Raiders' Justin Miller had a 91 yard kickoff return followed 13 seconds later by a 95 yarder from Ellis Hobbs.  The third quarter saw a Moss TD and Raider Ronald Curry pull one down for a TD.  The fourth quarter was quarter for rushing TDs with LaMont Jordan exchanging one with Darren McFadden.

Stats-wise, the Patriots 487 yards smothered the Raiders' 334.  Rushing was huge with 277 Patriot yards to 116 for the Raiders.  Sammy Morris had 14 for 117 and LaMont Jordan went 12 for 97 in his old house.  Oddly enough, passing yards were 210 vs. 218, but 4 of our TDs were in the air and 2 on the ground.  The ground game was used a lot to move the ball which makes sense - the weather was horrible.

From a playoff standpoint, we need all the wins we can get.  I was about to comb through the records when shake n bake, our resident Colts blogger, took care of it for us.  Tip of the hat to ya.  Both Miami and NY managed to scrape by with wins, but looked very beatable in the process.  With 2 games left, we need either Miami or NY to lose in Week 16 and then the week hand a defeat to the other team in Week 17 (Dolphins @ Jets).  This will drop both teams to 10-6 and, if we win out, we take the division with an 11-5 record.  With Baltimore losing a conference game, they're dangerously close to ending their wildcard chances; they can't lose against the Jags in Week 17 or their conference record will be tied with us.