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Patriots get some Pro Bowl love

First, I think the Pro Bowl is a joke.  Like all "All Star" events, it is, at best, a popularity contest with little consideration for statistics, importance to the selected's team, and so on.  It's stupid and big, fat, poopy heads are responsible.  That being said, the powers that be seemed to get it right when looking at the Patriots.

Ok, so many will argue Randy Moss, with 10 TDs, should've been a shoe in.  You may disagree with me but I, for one, think they got this one right.  Wes Welker, IMO, has the greatest impact of any WR on this team.  When Brady went down, Cassel needed to stick with high percentage plays until he got his sea legs.  Welker, our best slot and underneath receiver, was an obvious choice as a consistent target. Without Wes, Cassel would've been in a world of hurt.  And with a league high YAC of 656 yards, it's obvious.  For some idiotic reason known only to stupid fans, Wes didn't make the fan vote.  It's a good thing players and coaches have the other two thirds of the vote.  From a coaches perspective, if you're scheming against a guy every time you prepare for a game, that player should be in.  As a player, if a guy is giving you fits trying to defend him, you'd want him on your team.  Voted in by coaches and players is a much higher honor than winning a popularity contest with homeristic neanderthals.  The coaches and players actually KNOW something about football.

Gostkowski?  The guy is money.  Not only is he just money, but at 91%, he has the highest made field goal percentage in the AFC (sorry, Dave Rayner is at 100%, but only one attempt).  He's tied with Cleveland's Phil Dawson which is ridiculous (the only reason seem's to be Dawson's lone 56 yarder).

Peyton made QB; what a surprise.  This is an obvious choice and methinks the right one.  At 3-4, Indy was dangerously close to being irrelavent this season.  After 7 wins in a row, they are pretty much guaranteed WC1.  Sure, many were super close wins and one could argue lucky wins (helicopter Sage Rosenfels anyone?), but it still takes some talent to engineer a win and, it pains me to say it, the Colts do manage some last minute fireworks to bring home the W.  If it's not Brady doing the deed, then I'm ok with "Mr. Forehead".

Congrats to our Pro Bowlers and props to bartHML for this fanpost.