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Open Thread: Super Bowl XLII, New England Patriots vs. New York Giants

This is it. This is what 53-plus players and a dozen or so coaches on 32 teams work for all season. Two teams remain: Your New England Patriots and the momentum-riding New York Giants.

You don't hear it often, but the Patriots are riding momentum, too. That ride started last January, when the Patriots were within a couple plays and a couple questionable yellow flags away from reaching their fourth Super Bowl in 6 years. With a new field surface at Gillette Stadium, Bill Belchick and Scott Pioli re-engineered the team to win games on that field and on similar fields in a new NFL era.

In early March, they signed Adalius Thomas and Donté Stallworth. They franchised Asante Samuel. They traded for Wes Welker and Randy Moss. Oh, and there was Kyle Brady and Sammy Morris. There was more, but that was some serious momentum right there.

P1hotobucket - Video and Image Hosting -- vs. -- P1hotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

New England Patriots vs. New York Giants
Super Bowl XLII
University of Phoenix Stadium, Feb. 3, 6:18 p.m.

And here we are. The Giants have won 10 straight road games. They beat teams many people think they couldn't. But the Patriots have won 10 straight home games. And 8 straight road games. Eighteen straight games, and but for those couple plays or couple flags last January, it might be a whole lot more.

We've cataloged their exploits, the other undefeated teams they've beaten, all the records. There is one more chapter to add to the 2007 season. We will watch that chapter written together.

In fact, I invite you to to help write that chapter by participating in our open thread. Please create an account if you have not done so, and please honor our Community Guidelines. Remember Marquise Hill. Welcome to Super Bowl XLII.

Enjoy the game, and Go PATRIOTS!!