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Back at it

Hey Pats fans,

wassup?  It's time to get back to writing and creating great content about your favorite team, the New England Patriots.  It is bittersweet that I jump in and temporarily manage PatsPulpit with an eye toward a longer term gig if all goes well.  tommasse gave birth to this thing and nursed it along - we owe him huge props for the time and effort to put this blog together and maintain it, especially during the trying and turbulent season that was 2007.  I still read his posts as reference for how to write and write well.  Here's looking forward to "The Man" stopping by every now and again.

Some changes are afoot for SBNation.  The 2.0 blogging platform is AWESOME in looks and functionality and can be previewed at Grizz's site, Blogging the Boys.

You should start seeing regular posts from me with content from our co-writer Josh. Josh is giving us a few stories a week - thanks man!  And keep those diaries coming.  Any quality diaries will most likely get moved to the front page.  So, when writing a diary, write it like you'd expect to see in a sports page article, with verified facts and good grammar, and you'll get the nod.

Oh, and I'll try to post a links story on a regular basis.  I always found these very useful and one of the first places I visited in the morning.  Let's get moving!!  Go Pats!