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NFL Draft, starts Saturday at 2:30pm on NFL Network


That's right sports fans, the draft is upon us.  Can you feel the buzz?  Are Pioli and Belichick locked away in the bowels of Gillette Stadium mixing up some strange brew in a huge cast iron pot?  Or, better yet, is Belichick's longtime friend Ernie Adams chanting in a side room, burning candles and sacrificing goats?  Or simply using his big football brain to pour over stats and whisper in Belichick's ear?  Who knows.

At any rate, please use this story as a running commentary on the draft.  I'll be posting comments throughout the weekend and I look forward to reading yours.  For those without access to NFL Network, you can view streaming video of the day's events at .  You can also find great info at Matt Miller's Mocking The Draft and New Era Scouting .