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The New England Patriots welcome ILB Jerod Mayo


With a first round 10th pick (Patriots traded pick 7 and their 5th round pick for the Saints's 3rd round and this pick) the Patriots selected Inside Linebacker Jerod Mayo from the University of Tennessee.  With the selection of Jerod, the Patriots added much needed youth to a linebacker of 30 somethings.

I really like this kid.  He's fast and strong with the physicality and ability to play OLB if called upon.  Coach Bill Belichick had this to say about our newest linebacker:

"He's got some versatility," Belichick said, "played at a very high level of competition in the SEC, played against all the best players in the country."

What I like most about this young man is he's already saying the right things:

"They pretty much have their team set in stone," Mayo said. "These guys only lost one game last year. I just want to come in and make a contribution, whether it's on special teams or as a starter."

And this:

"You can't really bring too much to a team that only lost one game in a season," Mayo said. "I'm just excited ... to learn from some of the greats in the game."

And learn he will.  Bruschi, Vrabel and Thomas will turn this rookie into a monster of a linebacker.  I can only imagine how psyched Jerod is to be surrounded by these guys and able to soak in everything they have to offer.  Congratulations Jerod and welcome to the New England Patriots!!