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The New England Patriots welcome CB Terrence Wheatley


Using their 31st pick in the second round, the New England Patriots clearly showed their need and desire to grab a high quality, young cornerback after the exit of Asante Samuel.  The words "shutdown corner" and "steal" are being bantered around with this pick - classic Belichick and Pioli.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick indicated one of the team's draft priorities was to add speed to the defense, so Colorado cornerback Terrence Wheatley was a natural target with the second-round pick (62d overall).

Wheatley is superfast with a 4.37 40 yard dash and a 36.5" vertical leap.

"Speed kills," said Wheatley, a former high school track star in Plano, Texas, who turns 23 May 5. "Especially at this position, it's very difficult to make plays if you don't have speed."

There will be stiff competition at the CB position and Terrence is a confident guy:

"I like to mix it up from time to time," he said. "Everybody perceives me as the little guy, so you come in and give it to the running back every once in a while and kind of show him 'Hey, I'm a little dude, now, but I'm not going to back down.' "

Classic cornerback cockiness, if you ask me.  But, they need it.  Usually hanging out there on their own, making big plays is the name of the game.  I like this guy and I like the fact that he'll shake up some of the starters at this positon.

Welcome Terrence.