Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Kevin O'Connell

That's right Pat's fans, remember the name Kevin O'Connell.  Trust me when I tell you that BB is not comfortable and 100 per cent sure about Matt Cassell.  (my personal family source from NEPW).  I am just telling you what I know, and I know that BB just does not think that Matt is the answer after Tom is gone.  Now, back to Kevin, he has had tremendous upside his senior year and has shown a great deal of talent in every aspect of the qb position.  I was also informed that at least 10 teams were seriously  interested in this guy, but for some reason was overshadowed by qb's like flacco, braum, and deservingly so, Matt Ryan.  The reason those qb's were picked before KO was because the overall exposure in the conferences those guys played in.  Anyway, O'Connell first and best quality is his arm strength and accuracy.  He has both of those qualities down pat.  (no pun intended).  2nd, he is a qb that will step up in the pocket like Brady, but if nothing is there he has excellent scrambling ability.  He will move out, and he just won't move out he can and will throw on the run with accuracy as well.  Oh by the way, his speed is not to shabby either.  Now listen up Pat's fans, am I saying that Kevin is the next Tom Brady?  no.  Am I saying that he is the next qb in our system? no.  What I am saying is that if Kevin O'Connell pans out and is going to mature the way BB wants and expects him to then, bye bye Matt, he will be gone at the end of next year, and Kevin will replace him as our 2nd in charge.  Bottom line, if O'Connell becomes what BB hopes for then we have another GREAT qb for many years to come after Brady, without missing a beat!

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