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The New England Patriots welcome OLB Shawn Crable


With a 3rd round 15th pick, New England Patriots selected outside linebacker Shawn Crable.  At 6'5" 241 Lbs, Shawn is an absolute monster at this position.  Oh, did I mention he runs a 4.64 40 yard dash?  I believe this picture is appropriate:


There also appears to be strong potential for him to play defensive, due to his size.  Bulk up a bit and he's on the D-line

With Crable's tall and rangy frame, some talent evaluators feel he could bulk up for a possible switch to the defensive line, where his pass rushing and pass coverage skills could excel as a hybrid linebacker/defensive end. Evident by his 28.5 tackles behind the line of scrimmage as a senior, the Wolverine has proven to be among the elite blitzers in the 2008 NFL Draft pool.

His opponents may consider him a freight train, but his foster mom would most likely call him a "gentle giant":

"She means the world to me. She is an angel. She got me on track. I was a little rough around the edges before I got with her. She took the time, nurtured me and got me on track to where I thought I could do something in college. She’s the one who got me into sports."

I like stories about kids working hard and doing what it takes to succeed in life.  Not many young adults have the foresight to pay attention to their folks, but it appears Shawn did and look where he ended up - playing for your New England Patriots.

Welcome Shawn, it's good to have you aboard.