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The New England Patriots welcome OLB Bo Ruud


For the New England Patriots's final selection of the draft at round 6 pick 31, they chose Nebraska's Bo Ruud.  At 6'4" 234 lbs, he's big, but some think he needs to bulk up a bit to be more successful at this position.  However, he's purported to be  extremely intelligent and very capable of reading plays.

Bo comes from a football family and looks to benefit greatly from their experience in the game.  Asked about how he views watching film, he had this to say:

"...My brothers and me use to do it in high school and when we got to college we turned it up a level. I saw what my brother was doing in college and in the pros. I was actually trying to do what he was doing at the pros at the college level. You just hear about all the great football players doing that and you just try to replicate that work ethic and study habits and see what it does for you."

Likes watching film?  Belichick oughta love this kid.  Like all players chosen in the last few rounds, he'll most likely have to carve out a niche for himself on special teams, so it's a good thing he's willing to take on any role.  And given his lack of experience with a 3-4 defense, he may have a bit to learn:

"I haven’t really ever played any 3-4. I have played 4-3 and played over at the tight end before and have done a little bit of pass rushing. I really don’t know where they want me to play, but I basically just want to come in and do whatever I can to make this team and be a part of this team. More than anything I am really concentrated on doing my best to help out this team."

Bo, you have the genes so we think you'll be fine.  Welcome to the New England Patriots.