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Moss Motorsports


Yup, you read that right.  Apparently Randy's branching out.  Not satisfied with just being one of the best receivers in the NFL, he wants to race trucks .  Just think about the visual, if you will.  Randy on the track with the pit crew, a pair of binoculars and a radio headset.

Ever the businessman, he's already plotting and planning:

"The companies I already work with now have a chance to get some exposure to another group of dedicated sports fans," Moss said. "And we'll have an opportunity to build some relationships with an entirely new group of companies as well. We'll have a chance to do some pretty cool things between the football side and the racing side. That's a part of the equation that most of the other teams don't have, so we already have a competitive advantage over them. Once we get everything in place we look forward to competing on the race track too."

I give the dude credit for branching out.  Football doesn't last forever and now's the time for him to use his name and popularity to start the next phase of his working life.  At least it's more exciting than opening up a restaurant.  Hopefully he has the brains to leave the driving to the professionals.