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Boston Herald Reporter, John Tomase

Readers of this space have probably been asking themselves, “Where the hell is Tomase?” over the last couple of days and it’s a fair query. Right now I’m just landing from Washington and working on a story about Arlen Specter’s press conference regarding his interview with Matt Walsh.

While that is going to have me tied up for the rest of the night, I just wanted to make one thing clear — I know I screwed up on the Rams taping story and I don’t intend to hide behind today’s apology or an editor’s note. In Friday’s Herald I will explain as clearly as I can where that story went wrong and begin the journey of restoring your trust in my reporting.

I cannot in good conscience demand accountability of the people I cover and then not provide it myself. So it’s coming on Friday. Just be patient.


I know I screwed up?  Is that it?  I screwed up?  How about, "I know I took a campfire with smoldering embers and dumped gasoline on it, followed by kerosene and then for good measure, I tossed a propane tank on top."

The really sad part about this?  The Boston Herald is referenced in just about every news article on the planet as of today and their website will get millions of hits.  If I were to advertise, I'd head straight to the Herald's ads department and book me a full pager.

Funny how these things work...