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The Ship Will Have a Rudder

Uhhmm, dude?  Pssst... this is a blog about football, not sailing.  Have you been drinking?  Family trouble?  Not in the least.  When I jumped in as interim head writer, it was with the understanding this was a trial run from two standpoints: SBNation wanted to see what I could do and I wanted to get my feet wet and decide whether or not to take on the gig full time.  Well, we've inked the deal.  Both myself and SBNation have decided this is a good fit and will continue for the long term.  I'm writing this post to tell you I'm in it for the long haul and will be taking care of this blog for a while.

There is some secret squirrel stuff I can't disclose under penalty of wearing a Peyton Manning jersey (we take a blood oath, dontcha know), but help and good words has, on the surface, come from the strangest of places.  BigBlueShoe at Stampede Blue , BrianG at Buffalo Rumblings and Grizz at Blogging The Boys have been keeping track and offering help and helpful advice.  These guys know their stuff, not just about football and their teams, but about SBNation.

Most of all, I want to thank Tom Masse for starting this thing and giving it care and feeding over the years.  A great writer and Patriots fan, we all look forward to your forthcoming posts.  I also want to thank the readers and commentors who swing by and offer their thoughts and opinions.

That's what keeps this boat sailing.